In the past, because of the restriction of the environment and equipment, most of the badminton players in Macao were the Macanese. After the Sport Stadium at School of Ho Tung had been built, more and more people were participating in this sport event.

In the early eighties of the 20th century, after several conferences between Mr. Ho Yin, the founder of Macao Badminton Association, and the director of Sport Council of Education Institute, the committe of Macau Badminton Association had been established and was reponsible for this badminton activity.

On 10th August 1982, Macao Badminton Association was formally established. On 22nd October 1982, the first two-year President, Mr. Ho Yin, was elected by the three Badminton Clubs.

After the establishment of Macao Badminton Association,Macao Badminton Association had developed rapidly. The number of Badminton Clubs had also increased from 3 to 10.

In 1991, led by the President of Macao Badmintion Association, Mr. Edmund Ho, Macao Badminton Association hosted the first five-star tournament, which was sanctioned by International Badminton Federation (IBF).