Kejuaraan superseries kembali sempat libur sekitar 3 minggu. superseries ke 9 tahun ini akan berlangsung di Odense Denmark.
setelah 4 superseries terakhir (AVIVA Open Singapore Super Series 2009,    DJARUM Indonesia Super Series 2009, LI NING China Masters Super Series 2009, YONEX Open Japan Super Series)
diadakan di Asia akhirnya Eropa mendapat giliran lagi setelah YONEX All England Super Series 2009 dan WILSON Swiss Open Super Series 2009 maret lalu.
pada tahun 2008 Wang Lin,Peter Gade, Markis Kido/Hendra Setiawan,Joachim Fischer Nielsen
Christinna Pedersen, Eei Hui Chin/Pei Tty Wong mendapatkan gelar disini.
untuk tahun ini pemain top dunia akan kembali berlaga seperti Peter Gade , Lin Dan, Markis Kido/Hendra Setiawan, Chen Jin,Eei Hui Chin/Pei Tty Wong, Zheng Bo/ Ma Jin dan masih banyak lagi.
berikut ini adalah beberapa Info mengenai Denmark Super Series 2009.

Organizer: Badminton Association of Denmark.
Date: October 20 – October 25 2009.
Venue:   Odense Idraets Park
Hoejstrupvej 5
5200 Bolbro, Odense V

Prize Money: The Denmark Open is part of the World Super Series (US$
200.000). The amount will be allocated in accordance with the
rules of the Badminton World Federation.
Shuttlecocks: Head is the official shuttlecock for the Denmark Open.
Trophies: The Challenge Trophies held for the year by the winners will
only become their property on being won three times running or
four times in all. In the case of all doubles, the trophies must be
won by the same pair. The holders are responsible for the safe
custody of the Challenge Trophies, which must be returned in
good condition and free of charge to the Badminton Association
of Denmark, for last years winners, not later than September
Ceremonies: Players are not allowed to wear hats or caps during the
presentation ceremonies. Rackets may not be carried during
presentations. Tracksuits, or clothing as worn during play, will
be allowed. No other form of advertising will be permitted. This
regulation will be strictly enforced by our stewards prior to each
Conditions of Play: The Denmark Open will be conducted under the conditions laid
down by the Badminton World Federation governing BWF
World Super Series Events (in the event of any dispute, the
decision of the Tournament Referee will be final).
Scoring: As regulated by the BWF in all World Super Series
Qualifying Rounds: Qualifying matches are to be played if required on Tuesday,
October 20, between 10.00 and 23.00.
Events: Preliminary schedule:
Tuesday, October 20
13:00-22:00 Qualification
Wednesday, October 21
09:00-23:00 Preliminary rounds
Thursday, October 22
12:00-22:00 Preliminary rounds
Friday, October 23
17:00-22:00 Quarter Finals
Saturday, October 24
from 12:00 Semi Finals
Sunday, October 25
from 12:00 Finals
Practice Facilities: Practice courts will be available upon agreement, from Sunday
October 18.
Practice in the Main Hall will only be available Monday October
19 between 12.00-22.00hrs.

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