After long time , finally this web has already finished . Althought the yield has not satisfield yet , but this web had become a proof of our love to Wang Lin . The name of “ Wang Lin Fancier ” has been thought by 2 young people which wasn’t known each other . But because their affection to Wang Lin , they found this name . Mona & Ferdi who are the founders of this name .

Both of them just already met from the most famous website in this time which is Facebook . Their friendship was started from Mona who ” added ” Ferdy as her friend , because of his (Ferdi) profile pic is Ferdi with Wang lin . Because of that their friendship was started .

Amusingly , their acquaintanceship wasn’t about theirselves but about their idol : ” WANG LIN ” . From their ” Wall to Wall ” , they agree to make Wang Lin Lovers Community . From lot of name that they think of , they found Wang Lin Fancier name . To be exact , at June 22th , this name became Famous . Existance of this Comm caused by our affection to Wang Lin who was defeat from Saina Nehwal (Ind) at Indonesian Open 2009 . Wang Lin who was match in Indonesia look got no supporters because most of Indonesian dislike China’s Players . But we really sure a lot of people support her , but they shy to show it because they wasn’t unite with the other Wang Lin supporters , yet . As a consequence , she surrender from Saina Nehwal (Ind) by rubber set game . At least , there is a few voices ” Wang Lin Jiayou ” somewhere in Istora can give her new power .
Maybe only these combination of sentences which describe Wang Lin Fancier . Please your support & ” SHOW US YOUR AFFECTION


8 Responses to “About Us”

  1. syarif Says:

    abis download video ma gambarnya nih….
    tolong donk ajarin cara daftar di
    cz ga mau truz

  2. wanglinfancier Says:

    keren blog truz ada yg ngasih koment walaupun orangnya itu-itu aja ^^
    gmana ya caranya biar orang lain juga banyak yang ngasih koment kaya lw syarif…
    tinggal signup doank, isi data-data yang bener gitu doank paling

  3. Syarif Says:

    OwWw. .
    G2 ya..
    Ga tau lah, mgkin intrnt d rmh w yg bmasalh,
    ntar cba lgi,
    ql koment sih, udg aja
    dr ja org2 yg ikt groupna bini gw. ,
    kan byk..
    Da yg dri indonesia, hkg dll,
    yg dr indo tkahr gw pk fb tmen gw, gw liat ada 4ratsan lebih dri indo, n dr hkg sih msh 5 org,, . .
    Pkkna gbung ja truz udg deh, cr Di Fs n twitter jga. .
    byk lah. .
    ato jgn2 grup yg dr indo i2 punya Lo lgi ..?
    ga tau pa, dy kan udh jdi bini gw., msi….h aja ga mau nyrah. .
    Ya udh
    btw gw udh ma dy kmren

  4. Syarif Says:

    O’ iya,
    kyna org2 pda bsen ngeliat gw nongol di sni, , mmMH..’ WAAA…
    Ntar gw laporin ke bni gw . ,
    awas lo. ,
    msh nangis nih.,
    kan stus yg udh jdi, kwjibn gw online salh stuna di Sini,
    btw kan gw udh ma dy nie . .(nikah ma dy)
    ntar gw upload smua fotona di


  5. wanglinfancier Says:

    mau gk lw yang cari orang buat ramein nih blog..
    gw gk sanggup nih, cuma sanggup nulis” doank…

  6. Wang Lovers Says:

    good job

  7. Wang Lovers Says:

    good job Fer & Mon

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